Ernest Ansermet – Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty (180g 3LP Box Set)


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Ernest Ansermet, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande


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“His symphonies are ballets, his ballets are symphonies”; such has often been said about Tchaikovsky’s lengthy dance compositions. This opinion is not entirely due to the fact that these works had to please the audience without being danced to after Diaghilev’s legendary ballet company was dissolved. Rather more, Tchaikovsky’s instrumental and incidental music is pervaded by movement and dance rhythms that act as a musical scaffolding.

Almost as legendary as the incomparable heritage of Russian music is the reputation of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, whose recordings are famed for their lush and saturated sound coloring. Ansermet transforms the score into a veritable firework of sound, without ever straining after cheap effects by means of a thunderous sound; the strings are clean and warm in all registers, the brass volleys blare out keenly, and the percussion is dauntlessly resolute. This performance and Decca’s customary excellent sound recording render great homage to this music. All the more reason to be glad that this particular Sleeping Beauty has been awakened at long last.

“The sound represents the best of the ffss era. Strings are beautifully textured, always a plus in Tchaikovsky when violins and cellos soar in unison a couple of octaves apart… Ansermet had a gift for bringing this sort of music to life… the conductor here takes full responsibility for presenting a cogent narrative. Tempo choices are perfect.”

-Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, October 2012

ID: Decca – SXL 2160-1-2, Speakers Corner Records – SXL 2160-1-2

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Composed By

Ernest Ansermet


L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande


Lorand Fenyvès (tracks: C1.b, F1.e)

Violin [Solo]

A1.bNo. 1 March
A1.cNo. 2 Danse Scene
A1.dNo. 3 Pas De Six - Intrada - Adagio
A1.eVariation 1: Candite Fairy
A1.fVariation 2: Flour Fairy
A1.gVariation 3: Falling Crumbs Fairy
A1.hVariation 4: Canary Fairy
A1.iVariation 5: Violente Fairy
A1.jVariation 6: Lilac Fairy - Coda
B1.aPrologue - No. 4 Finale
B1.bAct 1 - No. 5 Scene
B1.cNo. 6 Waltz
C1.aAct 1, No. 7, Scene
C1.bNo. 8 Pas D'action (a) Adagio; (b) Maids Of Honour And Pages; (c) Aurora's Variation; (d) Coda
C1.cNo. 9 Finale
D1.aAct 2, No. 10 Entr'acte And Scene
D1.bNo. 11 Colin-Maillard
D1.c12 (a) Scene; (b) Dance Of The Duchesses; (c) Dance Of The Baronesses; (d) Dance Of The Countesses; (e) Dance Of The Marquises
D1.dNo. 13 Farandole: (a) Scene; (b) Dance
D1.eNo. 14 Scene
D1.fNo. 15 (a) Pas D'action; (b) Aurora's Variation; (c) Coda
E1.aAct 2, No. 16 Scene No 17
E1.bNo. 17 Panorama
E1.c19a Symphonic Entract And Scene
E1.d19b Finale Act 3
E1.eNo. 20 March
E1.f21 Polacca
E1.g22 Pas De Quatre - Intrada
E1.hVar I - Waltz
E1.iII Polka - Silver Fairy
E1.jIV Diamond Fairy Coda
E1.k23 Pas De Caractère - Puss In Boots And The White Cat
F1.aAct 3, No. 24 Pas De Quatre - Adagio Variation 1; Variation 2: Coda
F1.bNo. 25 Pas De Caractère - Red Riding Hood And The Wolf
F1.cNo. 26 Pas Berrichon - Hop-o'my Thumb
F1.dNo. 26a Cinderella And Prince Fortune
F1.eNo. 27 Pas De Deux Variation 1: Prince Desire, Variation 2: Aurora - Coda
F1.fNo. 28 Sarabande
F1.gNo. 29 Mazurka And Apotheosis

Ernest Ansermet, L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande


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