Madrigals of Santa Barbara High School, Phyllis E. Zimmerman ‎– Earth Chants(CD)


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Track Listing
1. Cantate Domino
2. chanson for 5 Mon Coeur se recommande (Marot) (Mon Coeur se rend a toi; Qui laboure champ ou vigne)
3. Modern Music
4. Work(s): Die Nachtigall / Lerchengesang
5. for choir: Song of the Skyloom / The Great Sea / Remember, The Sacredness of Things Earth Chants
6. for choir Now I Walk in Beauty
7. villancico E la don don Verges Mar¡a
8. WoO 35: I’d Enter Your Garden /The Fiddler / How Sad Fl German folk songs (12) for chorus (& piano)
9. She’s Like the Swallow
10. O Green Grow the Rashes
11. arr. for choir & conga drum Keep Your Lamps!


Madrigals of Santa Barbara High School


Doug Sax

Mastered By

Phyllis E. Zimmerman

Music Director

1Cantate DominoComposed By – Giovanni Croce1:45
2My Heart Is Offered Still To YouComposed By – Orlandus Lassus*2:30
3Modern MusicComposed By – William Billings3:04
Two Songs (Sung In German)Composed By – Felix Mendelssohn*(5:13)
4.1Die Nachtigal
Earth ChantsComposed By – Phyllis E. Zimmerman(5:48)
5.1Song Of Skyloom
5.2The Great Sea
5.3Remember, The Sacredness Of Things
6Now I Walk In BeautyComposed By – Gregg Smith 2:13
7E La Don Don (16th Century Spanish Carol)Composed By – Traditional2:38
Five Folk SongsComposed By – Johannes Brahms(8:26)
8.1I´d Enter Your Garden
8.2The Fiddler
8.3How Sad Flow The Streams
8.4At Night
8.5A House Stands ´Neath The Willows´ Shade
9She's Like The Swallow (Canadian Folk Song)Composed By – Traditional4:12
10Green Grow The RashesComposed By – Williametta Spencer1:54
11Keep Your Lamps! (Spiritual)Composed By – Traditional2:24

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