Carl Orff : Die Kluge – Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig, Herbert Kegel ( 180g 2LP)


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Label: Berlin Classics 0300747BC
A legendary opera recording that spreads the medium of vinyl up to the end – absolute Buy recommendation!« (LP, imagazine )
Carl Orff’s masterwork of 20th-century opera in a benchmark recording that set new standards of sound quality and interpretation. Born in Munich in 1895, Carl Orff is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the music drama of the twentieth century. He rose to prominence with his “Carmina Burana”, a work of dynamic vitality. “Die Kluge” tells the story – in the style of a fairy tale and in the spirit of a Brechtian lesson from life – of a king, a peasant and the “clever girl” of the title, his daughter, who holds all the threads of the plot in her hands. A musical stroke of genius, fresh as the day it was recorded thanks to its remarkable acoustics and the aesthetic concept underlying its sound.

“The recordings were made between 1976 and 1980 and, alongside Herbert Kegel’s Beethoven cycle, are remarkable among the conductor’s recordings for the quality of their sound. For many years now this record has been a regular choice on the turntable of many German audiophiles wanting to demonstrate a truly impressive atmosphere and dynamic low-frequency impulses … It is one of the most impressive recordings to be made in Europe during the last 30 years.” (Dietrich Brakemeier, Living Stereo, Munich 1994)

Orff: Die Kluge
Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig
Herbert Kegel

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    Baritone Vocals [Der König / The King] - Karl-Heinz Stryczek
    Baritone Vocals [Zweiter Strolch / Second Vagabond] - Wolfgang Hellmich
    Bass Vocals [Bass-baritone] [Der Mann Mit Dem Maulesel / The Man With The Mule] - Siegfried Lorenz
    Bass Vocals [Bass-baritone] [Dritter Strolch / Third Vagabond] - Hermann Christian Polster
    Bass Vocals [Der Bauer / The Peasant] - Rainer Süß*
    Bass Vocals [Der Kerkermeister / The Jailer] - Horand Friedrich
    Orchestra - Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig
    Soprano Vocals [Die Kluge / Des Bauern Tochter / The Wise Woman] - Magdalena Falewicz
    Tenor Vocals [Der Mann Mit Dem Esel / The Man With The Donkey] - Eberhard Büchner
    Tenor Vocals [Erster Strolch / First Vagabond] - Harald Neukirch
A1. - 3. Szene
B4. - 5. Szene
C6. - 9. Szene (Anfang / Beginning)
D9. Szene (Schluß / End)

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