René Clemencic, Clemencic Consort ‎- La Fete de L’ane (180g LP)


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Haven’t we always known that blasphemous laughter will land us in trouble? Just think what happened in the monastic whodunit “The Name of The Rose” in which a god-fearing monk did his utmost to hide a book about laughter from curious eyes and so turned into a serial killer in old age. Actually, carnival merrymaking monks went unpunished in medieval times when they turned strict Christian values upside down once a year and celebrated a so-called “Feast of the Ass” in their hallowed halls. First, a Boy-Bishop would be chosen from among the lower orders and choir boys who would read a burlesque, mock mass to hoots of laughter from the revelers. Meanwhile, other monks played cards and dice at the altar, burned incense made of dung and old shoe soles and sang dirty songs. The Clemencic Consort has reconstructed the music for a lifelike “Asses Mass” from medieval manuscripts. Among profane songs, contrapuntal, polyphonic verses and melodies with an accompaniment based on fifths, we hear Gregorian chant accompanied by the growl, rattle and rasp of historical instruments.

A1Hac In Anni Janua
A2Lux Hodie
A3Orientis Partibus
A4Hec Est Clara Dies
A5Verbum Partis
A6Exultet Hec Concio
Ceremonie De La Remise De La Crosse Au Maitre De La Fête
A7Ave Virgo Spetiosa
A8Deposuit Potentes
A9Gregis Pastor
A10En Mai
La Messe Des Anes Et Des Buveurs
A11Kyrie Asini - Litanie
A12Graduale Bachi
A13Vinum Bonum
B1Curritur Ad Vocem
B2Veritas Equitas
B4Lux Optata Claruit
B5Kalendas Ianuarias
B6Orientis Partibus II
B8Novus Annus
B9Hunc Diem - Ite Missa Est
B10Orientis Partibus II
B12Habemus Episcopum
B13Lux Omni Festa
B15Omnia Tempus Habent

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