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Long before modern science established the fact, it was recognized that music had the power to heal. The present album is dedicated to the tarantella, a dance form whereby a couple was surrounded by a circle of others and which was supposed to cure the long-term effects of a toxic spider bite. “Concocted” by Italian and Spanish musicians whose names have long faded into oblivion, the musical antidotes (so the title of the first piece) were rediscovered by scholars in the 17th century and brought together in book form. Gregorio Paniagua, director of the Atrium Musicae de Madrid, shows great craftsmanship in the Baroque arrangements of the melodies. He creates his historical sound-world with impeccably played gamba parts, the purest of harp tones and gentle cloudlike chords on the positive organ. At times cacophonous percussion adds a little spice to the sound, and here and there a flute makes itself heard. These sharp accents, although melodious and pleasing to the ear, conjures up a vision of rustic, frenzied dancing.


Beatriz Amo (tracks: B8b), C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8f)

Bells [Cloche]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8e)

Bells [Clochettes]

Pablo Cano (tracks: B8b)

Bells [Grelots D'airain]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B5)

Bells [Grelots]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B1)


Beatriz Amo (tracks: B8f)

Castanets [Castagnettes Andalouses]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8b)

Castanets [Castagnettes De Fer]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B8e)

Castanets [Castagnettes De Ibiza]

Anonyme* (tracks: A1 to A3, A5a, A5c, A6 to A9, B2, B3, B5, B8b to B9), C. Monteverdi* (tracks: A5d), D. Fernández de Huete* (tracks: B6), F. Couperin* (tracks: A4), Gaspar Sanz (tracks: B1), G. Paniagua* (tracks: A5b), J. Recuero* (tracks: B8a), M. Praetorius* (tracks: B7), S. de Murcia* (tracks: B4)

Composed By

E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8e)

Cowbell [Sonailles]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8d), Pablo Cano (tracks: B8a)


C. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A7, A9, B1, B5, B7), C. Ubeda* (tracks: A7), E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A7, B1, B5, B7), G. Paniagua* (tracks: A7, B7)

Crumhorn [Cromorne]

L. Paniagua* (tracks: B7, B8f), Pablo Cano (tracks: B8c)


C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8d)

Cymbal [Cymbalettes]

Gregorio Paniagua

Directed By, Recording Supervisor [Réalisation], Transcription By

E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8d)

Drum [Tambour En Argile]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8b)

Drum [Tambour En Céramique]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8d)

Drum [Tambour À Friction (zambomba)]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A5b)

Dulcimer [Doulcemelle]

Atrium Musicae de Madrid


E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8c)

Flute [Flûte De Berger]

G. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A2, A5b, B4, B10)


L. Paniagua* (tracks: B1)

Guitar [5 Cordes]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: A1, A5b, B1, B8c)


Pablo Cano (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5d, A7 to B2, B4, B6)

Harpsichord [Clavecin]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8f)

Idiophone [Carraca]

L. Paniagua* (tracks: B8c)

Idiophone [Guimbarde D'acier]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8c), G. Paniagua* (tracks: B8c)

Idiophone [Guimbarde En Bambou]

J. Bosch*


Don Gregorio Paniagua Rodriguez*

Liner Notes

G. Paniagua* (tracks: A6)

Lute [Luth]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)


Pablo Cano (tracks: B8f)

Organ [Grand Orgue]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A7, A9, B1, B7)

Organ [Orgue Portatif]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A1), C. Ubeda* (tracks: A1), Pablo Cano (tracks: A1, A5d, B3, B5, B7, B8e)

Organ [Orgue Positif]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: B1), G. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)

Panpipes [Flûte De Pan]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8a)

Percussion [Almirez = Egrugeoir En Bois]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, B8f)

Percussion [Caisse Roulante]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)

Percussion [Jeu De Timbre Chromatique]

L. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)

Percussion [Jeu De Timbre Diatonique]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A1)

Percussion [Jeu De Timbres]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8a, B8f)

Percussion [Marteau Et Enclumette]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)

Percussion [Pot En Céramique]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B8a)

Performer [Coquille De St Jacques]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B1)

Performer [Coup De Bouchon]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A1), L. Paniagua* (tracks: A2)

Performer [Jeu De Verres D'eau]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)

Performer [Peigne En Bois]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: A7)

Piccolo Flute

C. Ubeda* (tracks: A1)

Piccolo Flute [Fifre]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A1), Carlos Paniagua (tracks: A5b)

Psaltery [Psaltérion]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8f)

Rattle [Crécelle]

Alberto Paulin

Recorded By [Prise De Son], Edited By

C. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A2, A5d, A7, B3), C. Ubeda* (tracks: A1, A2, A5d, A9, B3, B5), E. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A2, A5d, A9, B3), G. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, B3), L. Paniagua* (tracks: A9)

Recorder [Flûte À Bec]

G. Paniagua* (tracks: B1), L. Paniagua* (tracks: B1)

Sackbut [Sacqueboute]

E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8b)

Shawm [Roseau Bourdonnant]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B5), Pablo Cano (tracks: B8d)

Tambora [Tambour De Basque]

L. Paniagua* (tracks: B4)

Tambora [Tanbura]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B8e), E. Paniagua* (tracks: B8a), L. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, B8f)

Tambourine [Tambourin]

L. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A7, B7 to B8b, B8d to B8f), Pablo Cano (tracks: B8c)


Beatriz Amo (tracks: A5b)

Timpani [Tympanon]

G. Paniagua* (tracks: B1)

Tiple [Timple]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: A1), G. Paniagua* (tracks: B8f)


Beatriz Amo (tracks: B8c, B8d), G. Paniagua* (tracks: B5, B8a, B8b, B8e, B8f)

Vielle [Zanfona]

G. Paniagua* (tracks: B8d), L. Paniagua* (tracks: A1)


G. Paniagua* (tracks: A1, A3, A5a, A5c, A5d, A7, A9), L. Paniagua* (tracks: A3, A5 to A7)

Viol [Viole De Gambe]

Beatriz Amo (tracks: B9)

Vocals [Chant]

C. Paniagua* (tracks: B8e)

Whistle [Oiseau Sifflet]

G. Paniagua* (tracks: B8f)

Whistle [Sifflet]

C. Ubeda* (tracks: B7)

Wind [Tubophone]

Antidotum Tarentulae4:08
Primus Modus Tarentella - Secundus Modus Tarentella - Tertius Modus Tarentella0:55
Les Barricades Mystérieuses2:37
Tarentella Neapoli Tonum Phrygium
Prélude & Fugue En Sol Mineur (D'après Une Basse Obstinée De Buxtehude)
Ritornello Tarentella Neapoli
Laetatus Sum. Psalmus 121
Tarentela. Alia Clausula2:42
Tarentelas 1a, 2a & 3a1:12
Tarentella. Tono Hypodorico1:51
La Tarentela2:11
Scotish Gigg1:16
Country Dance: Running Footman0:40
La Tarentela1:39
Ballet Des Sorciers1:29
Tarentela I
Tarentela II
Tarentela III
Tarentela IV
Tarentela V
Tarentela VI
Nana Andaluza1:07
Taranto D'Almeria2:07

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