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We all know the phenomenon: you hear a tune, like it immediately and it buzzes around in your head non-stop. A “hit” is born! As far back as the 13th century things were no different, it seems. The villancico, a form of song with folk origins, took the fancy of both simple and educated people alike because it was easy to understand and to keep in one’s head. With the birth of polyphony, these originally rustic songs became increasingly complex and closely knit, as did the stylistic variety of the texts. The songs tell of deceived husbands, peasants, monks and soldiers, and reflect a picture of society at the time in a humorous manner. Accordingly, the accompanying verses cover a broad span of themes: the one is full of crudity and earthiness, while another describes deeply felt emotions, whereby the interpretations of Atrium Musicae fittingly range from harsh tones to fine lyricism. The Spanish musicians pay considerable attention to the gentle, even flow of the simple melodies and take care not to smother them with too many instruments. The result is a completely transparent meshwork of voices, framed by an airy and natural timbre. Just the thing for a “hit.”

A1Poys Dezeys Que Me Quereys Ben
A2Toda Mi Vida Hos Amé
A3Perdida Tenyo La Color
A4A Su Alvedrio
A5Pase Al Agoa
A6A Los Bafios Del Amor
A7Vésame Y Abracame
A8E La Don Verges Maria
A9La Begognette
A10Riu Riu Chiu
B1La Mas Gratiosa Serrana
B2Amor Con Fortuna Contrefacon De Hacón Que Se Atreve
B3Quien Vos Avia De Ilevar
B4Con Qué Lavaré
B5Con Qué Lavaré
B6Con Qué Lavaré
B7So Ell Enzina
B8Sola Me Dexaste
B10Daca Bailemos
B11Pánpano Verde
B12La Edoarda
B13Pues No Mejora Mi Suerte

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