Mozart – Die Zauberflöte / Berliner Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm (180g LP)


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Label : Deutsche Grammophon 136 440 ( Clearaudio)
The Magic Flute is a fairy tale and at the same time a parable. It takes us into the realm of contrasting pictures shows us the human being standing between the two irrespective of whether he strives for a modest share of worldly happiness or for a deep perception of truth.
What pleases us in view of the popular work of Mozart so much more, is that it was recorded by an all-star ensemble: names like Evelyn ear, Fritz Wunderlich and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau provide classical music lovers with a smile of delight. Even Karl Böhm and his Berlin Philharmonic have a reference status for many in the question of exemplary works of interpretation. This LP is musically as well sonically a special listening pleasure, especially regarding to the geographic division of voice and orchestra.

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  • Berliner Philharmoniker
  • Karl Bohm, conductor
  • Evelyn Lear, soprano
  • Roberta Peters, soprano
  • Lisa Otto, soprano
  • Fritz Wunderlich, tenor
  • Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone
  • Franz Crass, bass
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Side A:
  1. Ouveture
  2. Zu Hilfe! Zu Hilfe!
  3. Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja
  4. Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schon
  5. O zittre nicht, mein leiber Sohn
  6. Bei Mannern, welche Liebe fuhlen
Side B:
  1. O Isis und Osiris
  2. Alles fuhlt der Lieve Freuden
  3. Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
  4. In diesen heil'gen Hallen
  5. Seid uns zum zweiten Mal wilkommen
  6. Ach, ich fuhl's, es ist verschwunden
  7. O Isis und Osiris
  8. Ein Madchen oder Weibchen
  9. Pa-pa-pa
  10. Die Strahlen der Sonne / Heil sei euch Geweihten

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