The Clearaudio 40 Years Excellence Edition – Record ( 180g 2LP)


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Label: In-Akustik INAK 78051
One of the “must have” superb audiophile recordings !
There are 16 jewels in total on this exceptional double album. One thing is common to them: a first-class sound! The design of the cover leaves nothing to be desired. Everything was done right here. Congratulations to these 2 discs and congratulations to 40 years of clearaudio! LP Review
Take the best, make it better – then it’s just good enough, has been the philosophy of Clearaudio for 40 years – the relentless pursuit of perfection, the dedication to music and their realistic as possible reproduction. Their mission of constantly developing and optimizing the technology of Clearaudio products in order to obtain the highest possible realistic music signal is an audiophile hallmark. This opens up something like a fourth dimension of music to the listener: emotion that hits the heart directly through the ear.

With this exquisite selection of carefully selected music titles, Clearaudio consciously sets its sights on the presentation of a broad musical spectrum: thunderous drums, fire-relieving church organs, atmospheric piano and guitar pieces, fascinating voices, even soulful to funky wind instruments. Once again, Clearaudio is dedicated to experiencing true emotions. A musical and sonically extraordinary compilation supposed to give pure listening enjoyment.

To best transmit this musical experience, the Direct Metal Mastercut (DMM) technique is employed and 180-gram pure vinyl (virgin vinyl) is used for the pressing.

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  1. Charly Antolini - Jammin‘ (Schmid-Grandy, Charly Antolini | Tsg Music) / From the Album: Knock Out 2K
  2. Cameron Carpenter - Toccata & Fuge (Johannes Sebastian Bach) / From the Album: Revolutionary
  3. Yelena Eckemoff - Mommys Shawl (Yelena Eckemoff | L & H Production) / From the Album: Blooming Tall Phlox
  4. Brenda Navarrete - Mulata Linda (Brenda Navarrete | Alain Pérez, Gradelio Pérez | Cardster Music Co.) / From the Album: Mi Mundo
  1. Reg Meuross - England Green & England Grey (Reg Meuross) / From the Album: England Green & England Grey
  2. Wolfgang Bernreuther‘s New Experience - Stormy Weather (Wolfgang Bernreuther) / From the Album: Wolfgang Bernreuther‘s New Experience
  3. Philip Catherine - Transparence (Philip Oscar Catherine | Nairam Music) / From the Album: Transperence
  4. Thomas Siffl ing - Just A Little Song From St. Lucia (Thomas Siffl ing | Emanon Musikverlag) / From the Album: Personal Relations
  1. Hanne Boel - Broken Angel (Hanne Boel, Martin Hall, Ole Hansen | KODA) / From the Album: Unplugged 2017
  2. Friedemann - Wing Your Way, Butterfly (F. Witecka / M. Faller | Edition Miss U / Vollton MV) / From the Album: Echoes Of A Shattered Sky
  3. Jacques Loussier - M. Ravel - Bolero 7: Prestissimo (Maurice Ravel) / From the Album: Ravel‘s Bolero
  4. Charlie McGettigan - Feet Of A Dancer (Charlie McGettigan | IMRO/MCPS) / From the Album: Some Old Someone
  1. Robert Shaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus - Carmina Burana: O Fortuna (Carl Orff | Schott Music GmbH Co KG) / From the Album: Carmina Burana
  2. Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig, Mike Moreno, Seamus Blake - Us and Them (Roger Waters, Richard William Wright | Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd) / From the Album: Jazz Side Of The Moon
  3. Candy Dulfer - Roppongi Panic (Thomas Bank, Candy Dulfer | CTM Publishing BV) / From the Album: Funked Up!
  4. Viviane De Farias - Luminosa (Luminosa Manha) (Raul De Souza, Viviane De Farias | Encore Merci) / From the Album: Vivi

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